June 8, 2020

We humans adapt to everything, that’s one of our strongest and finest quality. The new normal is to wear a mask and sanitize your hands at regular interval for weddings. Whenever it’s a wedding we think of fun, family time, beautiful everything and load of hugs with love.

Due to COVID-19 weddings were postponed. Now we are in a phase of planning weddings again but with a different approach because safety is always the priority. It’s still fun and it’s about family and love.

We have answered the common FAQ’s to plan your safe weddings with Icecube Wedding Planners.

Q. What is the limit of people I can invite for my wedding, is there any alternate option I can prefer for inviting my guests?

A. As per the new guidelines given by the Government, we can only have 50 guests together for a martial ceremony.

So if more guests are interested, we can allot time in the invites which can be chosen as per their convenience.

Q. How can I have a COVID protected wedding at home or a wedding hall?

A. The following steps should be followed for your guests

a.       Thermal Scanning

b.       Wearing Masks or can design customised masks as per the client’s request.

c.       Providing gloves at the venue if required.

d.       Automatic hand sanitizer and even customised mini hand sanitizers can be provided

e.       Sanitisation of their belongings and even a customised bag or valet can be provided.

f.        The Mandatory download of the Aarogya Setu App

g.       Control the crowd with RSVP

Q.      My wedding could be for 3-4 hours with reception, so will you sanitize only once

A. Sanitization will be provided for the guests and other members from the start of the wedding and at regular intervals of time.

Q.       How the food will be served?

A. We can serve it as per below

a.       Distanced buffet services by following the social distancing norm.

b.       Packaged food in a box

c.       A menu can be sent along with the RSVP and the guests can send their selected menu for the wedding.

Q.       Are your staffs and vendors COVID protected

A. Yes, all the staffs and vendors of Icecube Weddings will be following the Covid19 protocol vigorously before and during the event.

Q.       After the event will there be a Sanitization process taking place

A. Yes, before and after the wedding we would sanitize the entire area where the event was held.

Q.       Will you suggest make-up artist and hairstylist

 A. Yes, we can help you to provide with make-up and hair artist with their sanitized kits and we can also provide you a personal stylist and shopper.

 Q.   If the crowd exceeds more than the excepted list how it will be controlled?

 A. We can arrange a guest lounge for the crowd control and only the RSVP guest will be allowed inside

Q. If in case of any medical emergencies like temperature variation occurs what precautions are taken?

A. Medical assistance will be provided during the event in case of emergencies.

Q. Will the legal procedures will be taken care of

 A. If required we will do the required legal procedures regarding the legal permissions etc.

Q. Is it possible to provide online assistance

A. Yes, we will do the live streaming of your marriage online for those who can’t attend the marriage.

Hope the FAQ section was helpful for any further clarity feel free to contact us at or at 9847310015.

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