What Should Be Included In Wedding Invitations

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October 15, 2021

When we see the term wedding invitation, what comes into our mind is a card given with the date, time, and location along with the name of the groom and bride. But a wedding invitation is not just that, it’s the first impression about your wedding to the guests that are presented through your wedding invitation. You want to be creative when preparing the invitations, and at the same time don’t forget to include all necessary information regarding the wedding.

You may be thinking about what is that necessary information and exactly what all things must be included in an invitation card.

Name of Couple

A wedding invitation comes with the full name of the bride and groom and address, their parent’s name, and address. Traditionally the bride’s name and details come on top and the brides on the bottom. In the case of same-sex couples, they can go for alphabetic order or simply what is better to hear.

Wedding Invitations

Date and Time

The date of the event and the exact time on which marriage will be held must be included in the card. Mention a guest arrival time, so that everybody can reach and find their seat before the wedding starts.



The location must be clearly explained. Remember to keep a map with an invitation ( are you thinking – why the paper map in the era of google map? What if their phone unexpectedly turned off) adding a map also brings a fun element.

RSVP Cards


Include a separate RSVP card (Response card) with an envelope, for guests to fill out and return through mail or postal. RSVP cards are used to inform whether the guest will attend the event or not. It helps you calculate the exact number of guests.

Make sure you include the return address on the back flap of the invitation outer envelope and the front of the RSVP card envelope.

Menu Card 

Include a menu card listing all the available food items in the venue. They can choose what they want and send it back along with an RSVP. 

Reception Details

You can include the details about reception in the wedding card itself if there is space in it. Or just make a separate one to place with the invitation. Include the reception location, time in it. If it’s in the same venue after marriage, mention it at the wedding invitation matter.

Dress Code 

Dress Code

If you are planning where every guest must reach in identical dresses. Mentions the color and model of dress in the invitation. 

Guest Name and Address

guest name

Appoint A Wedding Event Planner

The best way to make the perfect wedding invitation is to appoint a wedding event planner for it. As they know every tiny detail, you don’t need to worry about missing any details.

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