Experiential Wedding ; Turn Your Wedding Into An Unique Experience

November 10, 2021

Make your wedding more memorable with unique ideas and execution! Weddings are no more what they used to be! Making the wedding day unique and special by an experiential wedding is the new trend.

Experiential wedding?

Simply speaking – getting married in an unexpected venue set up ( different from traditional concepts) or in an expected venue with an unexpected visual treat and creative ideas of execution!

Experiential weddings are fun and at the same time want serious planning, to produce a magical experience for yourself and the guests. Let us discuss the key points to think about when planning an experiential wedding.

Selecting The Venue 

An ‘experiential wedding‘ can be done at the back of your home, in a forest, by the side of a river or lake, on a small lawn, or even in the midst of trees and other natural surroundings.

Not so many people have their wedding inside a forest, feeling the essence of nature. It’s what makes the wedding unique.

It’s your wedding – so make the guests feel the essence of your personality through the venue selection. You can make it at any of your favourite movie locations or any cosy place that gives warmth and exudes a sense of your character.

Set Up The Mood

Create a gorgeous ambience in the venue. Wherever you chose for your wedding, set up the wedding decorations that are related to the theme. If you are planning a traditional Indian style wedding, ensure to beautify the venue with Indian flowers, create the wedding arch in traditional style.

Also make sure you schedule it at the perfect time, where the beauty of the place you select will reinforce guests into a special feeling. 

Cheer Up The Guest

Make your wedding day a strong experience for each individual guest. It will be easy if you have a smaller guest list. Simple ideas like keeping their name board on the table, gifting them plant saplings – so that they won’t forget your wedding day.

Good Food Good Vibe

Since most of the experiential wedding setups demand a small guest list, you can binge a divine food menu and personalized menu options for the guests. Also, surprise them with any unexpected special dishes! 

Along with this you can also include personalised crockery and cutlery, have name tags and can make great tablescapes..etc.

Guest Interactions 

ake the guest feel that they are not just visitors to the wedding but they also are engaged in wedding ceremonies. Plan some programs for guests. Think pool parties, champagne brunches, interactive photo booths and GIF booths.  

You could even hire an actor and create a mystery of plot twists and clues for your guests to solve, at the end of which is a secret bar or party they can access!


In an experiential wedding, the decor is an important element. Decor elements play a key in Transforming a forest space, or lawn into a wedding venue with an exceptional ambience. Use your favourite flowers, family photographs, a photo story of your wedding, twinkling lights, lots of candles or  rustic scenery.

Such distinct and special details will make your wedding day a unique experience.

Have A Long Guest List? Don’t Worry

Doubting – is an experiential wedding possible with a long guest list? The answer is yes. Even if you got plenty of people to invite, there are ideas in the hands of a  professional wedding planner, to turn the big crowd into a big plot of an experiential wedding.

Choose The Right Wedding Organizer

Next important thing is to select the right wedding organizer. Make sure your dream is in the right hands. Whether it’s traditional wedding planners/ luxury wedding planners/ outdoor wedding planners, think twice and research well about their proficiency in wedding planning. It’s better to hire an experienced wedding event planner.

Excited! Dream Yourself In A Fairytale Wedding Story

Are you interested in a scenic experiential wedding? Making your wedding moment a unique one. We, Icecube Weddings – the best wedding planners in Kerala with 11 years of experience are here to help you. Give us a call @ +91 9847310015 and share your thoughts. Let’s make it happen.

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