As A Wedding Planner, Here Are 5 Steps To Styling A Tablescape

January 25, 2022

In these five stages to arranging a Tablescape, wedding planners cover the fundamentals to get you started:

Master your Client’s Style

Pin and gather photos that actually match their color scheme and style. Then post it with them on a site like Pinterest, where they may work alongside your wedding company.

Consider the Location

Examine the lighting, structure, and design to decide on the sort of table, linen, and colors to incorporate. Then decide whether you want a natural and raw table or whether you want to use tablecloths. This is the moment to lay the groundwork for your design.

Choose the Chairs

Chairs release a comment, so choose ones that complement the table, style, and space, resulting in harmony. and complementing rather than contradicting the tablescape. Wedding event management can make a standardized format in arranging the chairs.

Create a Centerpiece  

This is frequently the table’s showpiece, so why not experiment with various items? Don’t restrict yourself to flowers alone. There are several possibilities, such as candles, foliage, lanterns, wood, statement vases, and candelabras, to mention a few. Wedding planners in Kerala provide fresh flowers and fruits crafted into different shapes. But, whatever you do, make sure your visitors can still see the person seated across the table from them. Don’t obstruct their vision with your lovely design.

Select the tableware

This is your opportunity to truly express the tale of your design. Choose plates, flatware, and glassware to create a setting that not only matches but also invites guests to take a seat.

From gorgeous colored glasses to matt gold silverware, the possibilities are unlimited, and a reputable rental partner will assist you in fashioning your style. Wedding planners in Kerala collaborate with several rental partners and make things easy for the couple and their family.

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